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Homework Club

These clubs provide students with tutoring and mentoring. But most of all, they provide us with a way of keeping in close touch with the students so we can identify problems before they

become so severe that the student is forced to drop out of school.


Grade 7 to Grade 12


Research overwhelming shows that young people who graduate high school enjoy better outcomes in all areas of their lives--health, relationships, and financial well-being and are better able to make choices that positively affect themselves, their families, and their communities.


Oftentimes the only thing standing in the way of a high school diploma for our students is the ability to cover the basic costs of transportation, uniforms and school supplies. For only $59 a month, you will make sure a young person has what he or she needs to be successful in school--bus money, books, school supplies, uniforms, a hot lunch, and weekly support through Project Amigo’s Homework Club. When you sponsor a Project Amigo student, you give that young person the best chance possible to graduate high school with a career goal and the planning and leadership skills needed to achieve it.

Your $700 scholarship provides the following for one school year:

• School Uniform

• Registration/lab fees

• Bus transportation

• Nutritional Lunch

• Books/ Schools Supplies

Student commitment:

• Maintain GPA of 8.5

• Minimum of 10 hours of monthly community service

• Letter to sponsor

• Attend weekly homework club



Please Note:

Sponsorships are not exclusive. All sponsorship funds are pooled to assure that every child and higher education student in our program receives the same benefits whether he/she has a sponsor or not. Many students in our program each year do NOT have a sponsor. That means that some other students may have more than one to assure funding is available for the incentive programs and scholarships of every student. We do not drop a student from our program because that student is not directly funded or because a sponsor elects to discontinue the sponsorship. Nor do we make decisions about a student continuing in the scholarship program based on whether he/she has a sponsor or sponsors. If a student fails to maintain the required achievement level or meet other requirements, we'll first work with the student to determine what issues are getting in the way of his or her success and work to overcome them. If the student doesn't progress and improve, he/she will be dropped from the program and the sponsors notified. It is our hope that sponsors will let us select a new student for them the following year.

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