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Corporate Sponsors

Responsible business owners and corporate leaders seeking a reputable, meaningful, sustainable service outlet for their social responsibility initiatives will find a trustworthy partner in Project Amigo. Our experience with current corporate sponsors shows that their commitment to “corporate social responsibility” or “corporate citizenship” earns loyalty from their customers who then help drive the corporate story and build the brand independently. Your Project Amigo partnership can take many forms:


  • Service Partner of record for those in “B-corporation” states

  • Simple annual campaigns within your employee base

  • Dollar-for-dollar corporate Match campaigns

  • Humanitarian Service Week “scholarships” in Mexico for your staff

  • Corporate retreats in highland Mexico with a humanitarian service component (literacy, education, clothing distribution)

  • Funding of scholarships for a given number of students

  • Funded from piece-rate or per-item surcharge on specific product lines.

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