Often, the only thing that stands between a challenging present and a bright future is the ability to cover the costs of one's continuing education. Your funding of one or more scholarships assures that motivated, intelligent, deserving young people are not stuck in a life of poverty due to circumstances beyond their control but able to achieve an education and make choices for themselves about their future.

Educational Scholarships

7-12th grade


The costs of attending junior high and high school are beyond the means of many rural families. Without scholarships, schooling for the youth served by Project Amigo would probably end at sixth grade, and they would begin working in menial, low-paying jobs. Through scholarships and donations to our Scholarship Fund, Project Amigo is opening up a new future for these children.

University Scholarships


Scholarship recipents who successfully complete high school are eligible for a Project Amigo University Scholarship to attend educational institutions in Colima, Mexico. Through these scholarships our graduates have become doctors, lawyers, teachers, business owners and administrators, engineers, and agronomists, taking their places in leadership and community service. A university education opens a world of opportunity these students and their families have never known.