Project Amigo Announces...The Friendship Tour

Project Amigo believes in empowering individuals through education. To spread our message we are proud to announce the Friendship Tour. The tour will be traveling throughout the United States and Canada, educating individuals about the work of Project Amigo. We believe that individuals commitment and knowledge drive change and support. here are some ways you can help: 


  • Sponsor primary children in the Incentive Program; encourage Club participation in the Sponsorship program

  • Sponsor secondary youth or college young adults through the Scholarship Program; encourage Club participation in the Scholarship program

  • Serve with us in Mexico on a Humanitarian Service Work Week

  • Bring your entire Club down for a Humanitarian Service Work Week!

  • Invite Project Amigo representatives to make a presentation to your  club/organization

  • Develop club or district grants to fund the purchase of books for our ongoing Literacy program

  • Contribute to various "special need" campaigns that arise each year

If you are a member of a Rotary Club, Interact Club, Civic Organization or another group that would be willing to hear about Project Amigo please contact Edward DeAguilera at

Booked Dates for the 2018 Friendship Tour

  • April 26-28 Boise, ID 

  • May 9 Miami, FL 

  • May 18-20 Seward, AK 

  • June 3-4 Kansas City, KS 

  • June 23-27 Toronto, Canada

  • August 1-3 New Orleans, LA 

  • September 12 Orlando, FL  

Project Amigo Canada Society News Bulletin


It’s hard to believe, that the Project Amigo Winter Volunteer Week season is almost over.


Over the past 4 month more than 300 children ages 6 to 12 received a new set of clothing, shoes, a gift and a visit with Santa.

135 Students were treated to a day at the beach. Another 40 received English lessons, and visited some of Colima’s beautiful parks for a picnic and a Zip line ride.


Students continue to succeed, graduating from Primary, Junior High, High school and University. All this has been possible because of your continuous support and the many volunteers who participate in our Volunteer weeks. We watch the students blossom and gain self-confidence, because they know someone cares.


The Volunteer weeks for next winter season start in October and are already filling up, much faster than we ever expected. The Fiesta week will be filled up with Canadians, and a special week is being organized for D5370 Governors, past, current and future.

Project Amigo Canada Society continues to focus on achieving charitable status, and hopes to have accomplished this by the end of this year.

If you or someone you know would like to experience a Volunteer Vacation, support a student or make a donation towards some of our much needed efforts, visit our website and check out the many opportunities in which you can help. We hope to see you in Mexico.



A Message from Mexico...

by Kirk Dretzka,

General Manager, Project Amigo 


We finished January with two great work weeks full of volunteers helping our sponsored students improve their English vocabulary.

There were both American and Canadian visitors that joined us, and we had a lot of one-on-one time with the volunteers mentoring the students with pronunciation and sentence structuring.


The objective of these courses is not to turn our students into English speakers overnight but rather to give them new words and practice in a comfortable environment, our goal is to help them lose their fear of making mistakes.

The course was centered on different types of situations such as names of fruits and vegetables that then were moved into preparing a dish with these items and presenting to the class the process and products used. 


The students also worked on introductions, restaurant conversation and etiquette and parts of the body. All of the lessons were reinforced with practical applications taking the students to restaurants where they ordered in English, playing games and visiting sites where they could apply the newly learned words.


These programs took place in the middle of the announcement by the State Department about insecurity in the area. We had a variety of people from those who participated for the first time to veterans of our program. To a person they said that were very comfortable, never felt any danger and  promised to return.


We now have an opportunity for those who wish to participate from a distance. The Zedillo Migrant workers school provides a lunch to the students whose parents work in the sugarcane and blackberry fields in the area. We need 40 sets of reusable plastic plates, cups and spoons. Estimated cost about $1,000 Mexican Pesos (MEP).


A big part of these healthy meal includes fruit, at the moment we focus on seasonal fruit that is too ripe to export but can be consumed locally next day. This has a cost of approximately $150 MEP for the remaining 18 weeks of school or about $2,700 MEP. If you would like to help the needy, and cannot come in person, this is a great opportunity to contribute.

Amigos Supporting Amigos!


You are cordially invited to our Annual Amigo Bash. Each Spring our Board of Directors gather for their one of their quarterly board meetings. Each board member is given the opportunity to be the "host".  This year our Treasurer, Gary Multanen, from the great city of Boise, ID has graciously agreed to host this wonderful band of leaders.


This long weekend will tackle the business of running Project Amigo with budgets, strategic planning and array of crucial business to continue to accomplish the goal of Project Amigo's mission. Our Board hosts our annual "friend" (amigo)raising event ...the Amigo Bash. 


The Amigo Bash is a fun-filled evening with delicious food (of course the very best Mexican food), drinks, special guests including Alumni from Project Amigo and an outrageous online auction. The event will be on Friday, April 27, 2018, in Boise, ID at the exclusive Yanke Motor Museum. To purchase tickets and/or to view/bid on our auction please visit . 

Our trips are filling up, so sign up now to spend a week getting to know our amazing scholars. When you volunteer for a Work Week at Project Amigo, you will make a difference while building friendships to last a lifetime. See our schedule here: 

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