English Tutoring


One of the most fulfilling experiences you can have at Project Amigo is working one-on-one with our amazing scholarship students. And one of the most valuable skills our students wish to obtain is the ability to converse in English. That’s where you come in!


Sample Activities:

  • Be a one-on-one tutor with Project Amigo student

  • Innovative and intensive course in English for students

  • Students and volunteers teach English to kindergarteners

  • Humanitarian service opportunities


Course consists of: 

  • Classroom instruction

  • Field trips for English practice

  • Activities lead by volunteers for English practice

  • Final presentation

  • A graduation fiesta


Course is facilitated by TESOL certified instructor

All are invited to join. No prior teaching experience necessary

All-inclusive price

The requested donation of $1,200 per person includes double-occupancy accommodations, all meals, pick-up and return airport transport, local transportation, entertainment and cultural activities, snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. Add $125 for a single room. The donation does not include transportation between the U.S. and Guadalajara or Manzanillo, long-distance phone calls or alcoholic beverages.